October 25, 2018

Charleston's Tech Economy Remains Strong in 2018

Charleston Digital News

Survey Data Points to Robust Hiring in the Year Ahead

In its Annual Wage and Job Growth Survey, the Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to report that the region's tech economy continues to demonstrate strength in earnings and job growth. The average annual wage for companies participating in the 2018 survey is $91,105. This number represents over twice the State and Regional average wage levels of $42,240 and $44,970 respectively, according to the latest figures available from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Just over 92% of the companies participating in the annual survey reported that they have added jobs in 2018 with a similar number expecting to continue hiring into the next calendar year. Further, of the 435 companies listed in the CharlestonWorks portal, 41% of them are hiring.

"As we continue to expand, we are very pleased with the Charleston Digital Corridor's high focus and pragmatic efforts to help support the growth of the regions tech community," said Atlatl CEO CDC Board Member, Marc Murphy. "Creating high wage jobs is directly dependent on our ability to attract qualified professionals to Charleston's tech companies. Fortunately, with our universities graduating more talent in computer science and the steady in-migration of tech professionals, we are holding our own against an extremely tight national labor market," said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.