March 14, 2024

Dr. Tyler Horan Joins Topline as Founding CTO Following Pre-Seed Funding Round


Topline, the creator of the world's largest public professional index with over 700 million professionals indexed worldwide, is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Tyler Horan as its Founding Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This announcement comes in the wake of Topline closing it's pre-seed investment round, with participation from leading venture firms including Bain Capital Ventures, Flex Capital, Sweet Spot Capital, and Mission8 Ventures.

A distinguished leader in the field of Computational Social Science and Machine Learning, Dr. Horan's extensive research has delved deep into social networks, online communities, and online marketplaces, making him an unparalleled asset to the Topline team. His tenure as a technical leader at Handshake and Bright Software, combined with a Ph.D. in Sociology from the New School for Social Research, has equipped him with a unique perspective on data analytics, social dynamics and machine learning.

The pre-seed investment round, which saw participation from industry-leading firms such as Bain Capital Ventures, Sweet Spot Capital, Flex Capital, and Mission8 Ventures, along with numerous angel investors, underscores the market's anticipation for Topline's innovative solutions. This funding is a testament to Topline's commitment to revolutionizing how professionals can flourish in the era of work ahead.

In the near future, Topline is set to launch the Topline Index, a groundbreaking tool anticipated to transform the landscape of work by providing unparalleled insights into professional trends and behaviors. Additionally, the expansion of the Topline Operating System [Topline OSĀ ][1]promises to equip businesses with the tools necessary for navigating the complexities of the modern professional environment.

"Alex Skatell, CEO of Topline, commented, "With Tyler leading our technological vision, Topline is poised to unlock new opportunities to help the best professionals win. His deep expertise in machine learning, people data, and digital communities aligns perfectly with our mission to provide deep, actionable insights into the professional world."

Dr. Horan expressed his excitement about the role, stating, "Joining Topline offers a unique opportunity to apply my research in a way that directly impacts the global professional landscape. I am excited to lead the development of tech that not only increases small business' bottom line but also nurture a deeper understanding of professional networks and communities."

About Topline:

We believe in a world where every skilled professional has the opportunity to thrive independently. With over 70 million people in the United States already providing independent services, and billions of work opportunities becoming available to talent worldwide we're at the forefront of a booming market that's redefining the workforce.

Our mission is simple: We're building a future where the best professionals win. We do that in 3 ways: Remove the friction of hiring professionals. Provide tools to help the best professionals stand out. Offer trusted information on service providers and firms.

We're not just talking about a platform; we're building the world's largest public index of professionals, with over 700 Million Global Professionals and growing along with Topline OS tools to level the playing field for independent providers and growing firms