February 1, 2024

Camgian Announces Addition of New Technical Fellow


aytheon-BBN research veteran Dr. Jay Pulli joins Camgian’s AI development team.

Camgian Corporation is pleased to introduce its newest Technical Fellow, Dr. Jay Pulli. Pulli spent nearly three decades at BBN Technologies, working as a Lead Scientist and Technical Fellow specializing in algorithm development and computational modeling. At BBN, he held technical leadership roles on several DARPA-funded programs related to developing advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies for the US military. He holds a Ph.D. in geophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is also a Visiting scholar in Geophysics at Boston College.

In his new position, Pulli will be joining Camgian's product development team. His expertise will be used to advance Camgian's algorithmic and data fusion technologies.

"I am thrilled to have Jay Pulli join our product development team. Dr. Pulli will bring his decades of experience and expertise in signal processing, various sensor modalities, and machine learning to help advance our Reactor C-UAS platform," said Executive VP of Product Development Muthu Nagarajan, "His knowledge, insights, and mentorship will be valuable to the design and development efforts of Reactor."

"Jay's technical brilliance and track record of innovation make him an invaluable addition to our team at Camgian," said Camgian CEO and Founder Dr. Gary Butler, "His long history as a technical leader in advanced algorithm development for DARPA and other leading DoD research agencies will have an immediate impact on our company. We are excited to have him as a member of our team."