January 12, 2024

Charleston Ranks #1 Nationally for Inbound Migration

Allies Van Lines

According to a recently published 2023 Allied US Moving Migration Report, South Carolina ranks #1 nationally for inbound migration with Charleston as the standout city. The report attributes Charleston's #1 inbound migration status to its combination of a growing job market, affordable cost of living, and pleasant coastal climate.

In their annual report, Allied states, "The state's appeal is bolstered by its burgeoning tech sector and manufacturing growth, providing ample employment opportunities. Charleston, in particular, offers a rich cultural scene, historical attractions, and a strong sense of community, making it highly attractive for new residents."

Charleston's tech sector continues to post impressive numbers both in terms of wages and job growth. In their 2023 annual Wage and Job Growth survey, the Charleston Digital Corridor reported the average annual wage of $123,079 with 63% of the companies reporting adding jobs and 88% expecting to add jobs in 2024.

Charleston's in-migration is no surprise to Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade. "Over the past two decades we have put all the necessary infrastructure in place to support the high-wage tech industry in our region. The development of talent in our State combined with an attractive business climate and accelerated levels of in-migration by tech professionals in recent years has helped stoke the expansion of our tech economy," he said.