December 16, 2021

Event Solutions Platform LASSO Acquires Intrinsic

Lasso Release

LASSO, the people platform for the event and entertainment industry, has acquired Intrinsic, a market leader known for providing high-end, technical talent for the most complex and consequential live events across the country.

This achievement was made possible thanks to a mutual expertise in and passion for the unique needs of the live events industry. Intrinsic built their business by sourcing and cultivating the best AV talent in the industry to ensure a deep bench of technical event staff. They've put their people first at every step of the way with consistent, healthy investments in their rigorous technical education programs for AV professionals in key markets across the US including Las Vegas, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, and Dallas.

LASSO, the people platform for the events industry, is an end-to-end software platform and mobile app for event professionals. Built by and especially for live event professionals, LASSO's solutions are designed to put people first, empowering everyone in the event production ecosystem to connect, communicate and collaborate. With visibility to labor costs and transparency to event details, LASSO users are able to control the chaos of event production and focus on what really matters: the people who make every event a success.

LASSO's latest product, the LASSO Crew Marketplace, is a tech-enabled marketplace that allows software users to submit additional labor requests to supplement their AV talent bench directly within the platform. With the acquisition of Intrinsic, LASSO's Crew Marketplace pool of live event professionals is larger and more robust than ever.

"We're thrilled to welcome Intrinsic into the LASSO family," said Clay Sifford, founder and CEO of LASSO. "They are selective, compliant, rigorous in their training, they deliver for their clients, and most importantly, they're good people. LASSO believes every event is only as good as the people that make it happen. As we continue to grow, Intrinsic's supply of top-end technical talent for our clients coming into Las Vegas is a natural fit. We're excited about our future together, and we look forward to bringing more innovative solutions to our industry. "

"This is a fantastic outcome for both our employees and our clients," said Intrinsic CEO Todd Walton. "Having worked with LASSO over the years, we have come to know and appreciate how closely aligned we are in our values and business philosophies. I have found LASSO to be an amazing company and I am ecstatic for the opportunities this will create for all of our stakeholders."

Editor Note: Lasso has an office at the Charleston Tech Center and is hiring.