September 28, 2017

Digital Corridor Launches New CODEcamp Kids Platform

Charleston Digital Corridor

Site Contains "MyClassHub" portal

The Charleston Digital Corridor is pleased to announce the release of the new CODEcamp Kids platform. This platform, developed exclusively for middle school students, incorporates a new website and the MyClassHub curriculum portal for educators and students. It represents the first major upgrade of the code education program since its introduction in 2015.

The new CODEcamp Kids website provides comprehensive information about the program, class schedules, frequently asked questions and registration. The MyClassHub curriculum portal contains the lesson guides for both students and teachers.

"CODEcamp Kids represents the best of Charleston's 21st century economy with the entire program, from curriculum development, engineering and program, instruction being handled by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals from our community," said Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation Chairman, Kirk King.

"With the launch of the CODEcamp Kids platform and focus on educator training, we are well positioned to fill the void in code education that exists for middle school students throughout our community and beyond," said Charleston Digital Corridor Director, Ernest Andrade.

The new CODEcamp Kids portal was developed through the generous support of tech companies through their annual membership dues to the Charleston Digital Corridor.