January 20, 2009

Charleston Manufacturing Company Releases New Lab Technology

Staff Report  /  Charleston Regional Business Journal

NanoScreen, a Charleston-based company that designs and manufactures tools for research labs, recently released a new product for the drug discovery market. The new V30 disposable tip aids in the testing of compounds for potential new drugs.

"These pipette tips aspirate small quantities of reagents and chemicals together," said Imad Mansour, chief scientific officer for NanoScreen.

By using robots and these tips, research and development labs are able to run several hundred reactions at the same time, he said. The new tip is compatible with a popular robotic line used in pharmaceutical labs around the world called Velocity 11.

"Our product will see an increasing market share because of their dominance in the liquid handling arena," Mansour said.

NanoScreen manufactures products for pharmaceutical companies around the world, such as Merck, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, as well as biotech labs such as the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.