October 26, 2006

DLO Unveils White-Hot Action Jacket Sport Case Armband For iPod Nano

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters

CHARLESTON, SC - October 26, 2006–Digital Lifestyle Outfitters(DLO) has been setting trends in digital device accessories since its founding in 2001, when the company released the world's first sport case for the Apple iPod. Now, with the launch of a brilliant, white Action Jacket for iPod nano, DLO continues to infuse high tech with high style.

Like the rest of DLO's Action Jacket family, the latest addition offers three valuable functions in one accessory – a resilient neoprene case, a fully adjustable armband and a rotating belt clip. Plus, this Action Jacket is specially designed to complement the bold colors of the iPod nano.

"All of our Action Jackets are known for their versatility and functionality," said DLO Creative Director Andrew Green. "But the big news here is the clean white design – it spotlights the nano like nothing else out there and makes those colors really pop."

Taking their cues from the latest generation of iPod nanos, the development team at DLO created a case that frames these bold colors in white and lets the owner's taste and personality show through. At the same time, they added a smooth coating of white polyurethane for added visual impact and product protection.

"It's got a smooth, almost leather-like, look and feel," said Marcia Germ, director of soft goods product development for DLO. "The neoprene absorbs the impact of your workout, while the coating repels dirt and sweat."

An occasional wipe with a damp soapy cloth is all it takes to keep the case looking its best, while a toss into the washing machine easily removes sweat and grime from the armband. A solid vinyl window protects every nanometer of the screen and controls – a feature that allows users to navigate their music libraries without removing the player. This not only keeps the iPod nano looking like new, but it also gives the world a glimpse of the user's individual sense of style.

"People don't just buy the iPod nano because it plays music files; any player out there can do that. It's the style and the attitude that wins them over," said Green. "We believe the same thing goes for the accessories they choose."

Pricing and Availability: The new DLO Action Jacket for iPod nano, priced at $29.99, is available from national iPod retailers and via the DLO Web site at http://www.dlo.com.

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