July 5, 2006

Advanced Chromatography Systems Acquires EZ Flash and the TEA Analyzer Organic Nitrogen Detector

ACS Release

July 5, 2006, Charleston, SC - On June 13, 2006, Advanced Chromatography Systems (ACS), headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, closed an asset purchase agreement with Waltham, Massachusetts based Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE:TMO) to acquire the Environmental Instruments Division, Water Analysis Instruments, Chromatography Product Lines known as The EZ Flash II Gas Chromatograph Accessory and the TEA Analyzer Organic Nitrogen Detector.

ACS is a manufacturer of specialty scientific instruments that focus on fast chromatography techniques and high sensitivity detection. The EZ Flash and the TEA serve a niche in the market that adds to the forte of the ACS product portfolio.

This acquisition increases the impact of ACS in the chromatography arena by adding recognized and proven products to their current patented and unique systems. The EZ Flash also distinguishes ACS as the only scientific instrument manufacturer that can offer a stand alone Fast GC System as well as a Fast GC Accessory to the end user.

Chromatography systems are used in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Homeland Security, Flavors & Fragrance, Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, and Environmental industries to perform various chemical analysis procedures. To learn more about ACS and its products go to the website at www.advancedlcgcs.com

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