June 22, 2006

DLO Announces The Flipfolio Reversible Leather Case For iPod Nano

DLO Release

Clever Design Gives nano Owners the Option to Plug in their Headphones

June 22, 2006, CHARLESTON, SC - Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO), makers of the popular HomeDock Deluxe Home Entertainment Center and other exciting accessories for the iPod, today announced the FlipFolio Leather Case for iPod nano.

The FlipFolio is a clean-looking, high-quality leather case that gives owners the option of wearing their nanos with the headphone port either on top or on the bottom of the case. The transparent and protective front of the case offers full access to all click wheel controls in either configuration.

FlipFolios come in Black, White and Pink with contrasting stitching, and are made of soft, high-quality leather. The FlipFolio for iPod nano costs just $24.99 and is available immediately at www.dlo.com.

The DLO FlipFolio protects an iPod nano with multiple features and a minimalist style. It provides openings for the iPod nano's hold switch and headphone port on both ends of the case, so an owner can flip their nano 'right side up" or 'upside down.' Flipfolios are styled with designer stitching and come in three colors: black, pink and white. The sewn-in belt clip provides a secure fit on a belt, bag strap or waistline. The FlipFolio has a clear plastic front that allows a person to control their iPod nano without removing it from the case.

"The FlipFolio is sharp-looking and clever," said Brian Baucom, Director of Marketing at DLO. "The iPod nano was the first, and still is the only, iPod that has the headphone jack positioned on the bottom of the player. Some people want the option of plugging in on top of their nanos. The Flipfolio gives them that option in a simple and clean design. Here's a great-looking, flexible leather case for your nano that doesn't cost a hundred bucks."

Pricing and Availability:

The DLO Flipfolio for iPod nano costs $24.99 and is available at www.dlo.com.

About Digital Lifestyle Outfitters:

DLO produces an entire line of computer and digital music player accessories sold around the world. DLO products cover everything from cases and cables to remotes and speaker systems. With the digital revolution at hand - DLO is leading the way outfitting your digital lifestyle. For more information, visit http://www.dlo.com.