June 9, 2006

Benefit Focus Technology Executive Receives InfoWorld Award

Kathleen Dayton  /  The Charleston Regional Business Journal

John Smith, vice president of technology of Mount Pleasant-based Benefitfocus. has received an InfoWorld CTO of the Year award.

InfoWorld magazine awards 25 technology executives each spring who have proven leadership in information technology within their companies and communities.

Smith was promoted from director to vice president after helping Benefitfocus replace decades of outdated Electronic Data Interchange, technology and processes in the health care system with eExchange, an improved system Benefitfocus built in 2004.

The new technology was initially a response to one of the company's clients, a large Blue Cross carrier, which needed a better way to manage its operations because of its rapid growth. Clients now have excess capacity enabling them to process and administer insurance claims.

Benefitfocus provides health care software and data transaction services for more than 150 insurance carriers and their 35.5 million subscribers, including Michelin, Publix and US Airways.