May 26, 2006

eSchoolware Announces State-Wide Implementation

eSchoolware Release

DANIEL ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA (May 26, 2006) - eSchoolware, Inc. today announced that it is partnering with the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Technology to extend its 2005-2006 Technology Coach Pilot Program to a state-wide implementation for the 2006-2007 school year using the eSchoolware ePortfolio system.

The ePortfolio Platform incorporates an innovative approach to assist teachers in improving their technology proficiency and to enable teachers to more effectively bring technology into the classroom.

"The of ePortfolio Platform is a unique solution, in that, based on individual development plans created from an initial assessment, each teacher can save documents and other visual media to an ePortolio demonstrating completion of each plan requirement, " said Lenna Ruth Macdonald, CEO of eSchoolware. "Research indicates that demonstrating the use of newly acquired skills is the best predictor of learning success."

As part of the state-wide implementation, starting July 1, 2006, every district throughout the state will have the opportunity to voluntarily join the program. "This is a tremendous opportunity," said Ms. Macdonald. "The State Department of Education, Office of Technology has agreed to offer this product to all districts at no cost during the 2006-2007 school year - all the district has to do is sign-up with the Office of Technology and the system will be available through the internet."

"eSchoolware is pleased with the success of the 2005-2006 Technology Coach Program success. The Technology Coach Program has fulfilled its mission to improve teacher technology proficiency and offer educators the resources they need," said Elaina Ezelle, President & Founder of eSchoolware. "With powerful reporting tools, improved teacher competency in using technology in the classroom was demonstrated at the end of the pilot program. Teachers use of technology in daily lesson plans is engaging and exciting students in the learning process."

"More importantly," said Ms. Ezelle, "Our ePortfolio product allows each district to demonstrate that its teachers are proficient in technology as required under Proviso 1.25 adopted by the State of South Carolina. This means that the Office of Technology has partnered with eSchoolware to provide an integrated system that allows districts to meet all the Proviso criteria and provide powerful reporting tools to districts."

eSchoolware is a leading provider of online technology tools for the K12 Education marketplace. The company's suite of solutions includes an eProficiency Manager - incorporating standards-based assessments and creating individualized development plans for each user, an eLearning Manager - to build individual graduation plans, an eRegistration Manager - to allow for online course registration by teachers and students, an ePortfolio Platform - to capture documents and visual media demonstrating acquired skills, and an eReporting System™ - to aggregate, analyze and present data (performance-based assessments, demographic, standardized test scores and other information) with easy to use report writing features.


Lenna McDonald
Chief Executive Officer

Elaina Ezelle
President & Founder