March 6, 2006

DLO Designs Volvo Ipod Car Transmitter Accessory For Volvo S40, V50, AND XC90 SUV

Company Release

Available and Installed Through Volvo Dealerships, The Volvo iPod FM Transmitter Offers a Secure Cradle, Charger and High Quality FM Transmitter

CHARLESTON, SC - March 2, 2006. Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) in partnership with ProClip USA, today announced that the company is providing its iPod car solution technology to Volvo Cars of North America. The Volvo FM Transmitter is a dealer installable iPod solution for Volvo models S40, V50, and XC90.

Based on DLO's patented car solution for iPod, the Volvo iPod FM Transmitter offers a secure powered cradle for the iPod and iPod nano that transmits iPod's music to any available FM radio frequency. The Volvo FM Transmitter for Apple iPod (part # 8640109) is available now through Volvo dealerships for $139, installation not included.

The Volvo FM Transmitter for Apple iPod is a dealer installed solution that broadcasts iPod's music over the Volvo FM radio in crystal-clear stereo sound. It uses any available FM frequency, from 88.1 to 107.9 and frequencies can be easily selected with easy-to-reach tuner buttons. Power is provided via a fuse protected, hard-wired connection to Volvo's internal automotive power.

The unit is mounted directly to the dashboard and provides easy access to all iPod controls and functions. An AUX input is also provided, allowing other audio devices like game systems or portable DVD systems to play their audio through the Volvo FM Transmitter.

"DLO is honored to be able to provide Volvo with the technology for their iPod car solution," said Jeff Grady, CEO of Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. "The Volvo brand means superior performance and design to us. To be associated with a company like Volvo and enhancing the Volvo experience for customers is fantastic."

Pricing & Availability:

The Volvo FM Transmitter for Apple iPod is available now at authorized Volvo service centers and dealerships nationwide. It is Volvo Part # 8640109. Installation is performed by authorized Volvo dealers only. The Volvo FM Transmitter for Apple iPod works with all iPods with a dock connector.

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