March 1, 2006

DLO Debuts Transdock Micro - The World's Only ipod Transmitter/Charger That Works With Every Current ipod Model Available

Company Release

TransDock micro features a tiny transmitter module, a multi-purpose docking cable and inputs for transmitting auxiliary devices like game systems and portable DVD players

CHARLESTON, SC March 1, 2006. Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) , innovators of groundbreaking iPod accessories like the TransPod and HomeDock, today introduced the DLO TransDock micro Transmitter/Charger for iPod.

The DLO TransDock micro broadcasts iPod's music over the FM radio in a car while charging iPod's battery. It features a removable docking cable, a bright LCD display, and Aux input and output for use with other devices. The DLO TransDock micro costs just $69.99 and is available immediately at iPod retailers nationwide and online at

Based on the award winning DLO TransPod, the new DLO TransDock micro is the easiest way to enjoy iPod's music in the car. Users simply plug the TransDock micro into any available auto power outlet, connect the iPod to the TransDock micro's dock cable and play their music over any available FM radio station in their car. Side-based controls make tuning simple, and the bright backlit LCD is easy to read, even in daylight.

TransDock micro even includes 4 programmable presets for quick recall of the most commonly used stations. The TransDock micro's 48-inch docking cable allows the user to position their iPod anywhere they want in their car; in their lap, on the dash, even in a passengers hands watching a movie. The cable is removable and functions as a handy second iPod docking cable for travel syncing and docking. With the dock cable removed, an iPod shuffle can be snapped directly into the TransDock micro. This makes the TransDock micro the only transmitter/charger in the world that works with every currently shipping iPod - the 5G iPod with Video, the iPod nano and the new lower-priced iPod shuffle.

"The TransDock micro is a great little device that takes care of all your iPod's needs in the car," said Andrew Green, VP of Marketing at DLO. "It sounds as good as fully installed solutions, yet it's removable and transportable like the snap-on toy transmitters out there. With the removable bonus iPod docking cable, the TransDock micro delivers tremendous value as well. It's already $10 less than its competitors, and with Aux input and output, infinitely more flexible."

DLO TransDock micro Unique Feature Summary:
* Works with every shipping iPod model - including iPod shuffle
* Includes bonus iPod docking cable - an added $20 value
* Audio Input transmits any other audio device, like portable gaming systems and travel DVD players in the car
* Auxiliary Output provides iPod line out for use with car aux inputs or cassette adapters while still charging the iPod
* Car charger and other USB based devices like the Motorola RAZR cell phone and the SONY PSP game system

Pricing and Availability:

The DLO TransDock micro costs $69.99 and is available now. For more info please visit .

About Digital Lifestyle Outfitters:

DLO produces an entire line of computer and digital music player accessories sold around the world. DLO products cover everything from cases and cables to remotes and speaker systems. With the digital revolution at hand - DLO is leading the way outfitting your digital lifestyle. For more information, visit .